The Fund subsidizes the cost of non-elective veterinary care for pets owned by:

  • Combined family net income of $45,000 or less
  • Single parent with a net income of $35,000 or less
  • Single and have a net income of $30,000 or less
  • 65 years of age or older and receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement

But most important of all we help the animals!

Our Vision

Our Mission

Who We Help

Working in partnership with veterinarians in the Muskoka and Parry Sound Districts, the Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund will provide funding, when available, to assist approved pet owners in need, by subsidizing costs for neutering, spaying and compassionate care.

The Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund was created by the Animal Shelter for Huntsville in 2015. 
The Fund assists people in financial need by subsidizing the cost of veterinary care for the pets in their lives.

The Board recognizes the relationship that exists between people and their pets, as well as the positive impact pets can have on the health and well-being of their owners. That is the main reason why the Fund subsidizes the cost of veterinary care for these and other pet owners who cannot otherwise afford such treatment.

“The Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund” envisions a community where all cats and dogs are neutered and/or spayed and pet owners are able to apply to receive funding assistance for non-elective veterinary care.

About Us