You may be eligible for the Compassionate Care Program if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Combined family net income of $45,000 or less (Current year - Income Tax Assessment Form for all members of household);
  • Single parent with a net income of $35,000 or less (Current year - Income Tax Assessment Form);
  • Single and have a net income of $30,000 or less (Current year - Income Tax Assessment Form);

Due to privacy concerns please blackout or remove SIN numbers from all supporting documents.

Requirements for Pet Owner
The following are guidelines that Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund follows in the approval process for the Compassionate Care Program. Please ensure that you and your pet meet the following requirements BEFORE applying for assistance.

  • You must be the pet’s owner/guardian. We do not provide assistance to rescue or adoption organizations, or those fostering an animal prior to adoption.
  • The pet’s owner/guardian has demonstrated the capability to take responsibility for the health and welfare of his/her animal.
  • The pet that you are applying for assistance for is a dog or a cat. We will not cover any other domestic animals, and will not cover farm animals, animals owned by breeders, or animals used for research or commercial purposes of any kind.
  • We do not provide assistance for procedures which have already been completed, if the bill has already been paid and you are seeking reimbursement, or if the animal has been released from the veterinarian.
  • Applicants whose companion animals are ill due to neglected preventative care will not be considered for funding. If your animal needed care months ago but you did not get treatment, this situation is considered an emergency and will not be funded.
  • Your pet must be spayed or neutered or can safely be spayed or neutered at the time treatment is rendered. We will help pay for the spay/neuter surgery in addition to the medical assistance. We do understand that there may be times when the pet cannot be safely spayed or neutered at the time of treatment due to age or the nature of the illness or case.
  • You must have already obtained a medical opinion identifying what is ailing your pet and the likely course of treatment and outcome.
  • We do not provide assistance for vaccinations, routine care, grooming or kennelling.
  • You must be willing to utilize one of the approved veterinarians involved in the program for your animal’s procedure. Participating veterinarians are;

  1. Muskoka Animal Hospital, 96 Hanes Rd, Unit 2, Huntsville​
  2. Verzijlenberg Veterinary Hospital, 4 John Street, Sundridge
  3. Cottage Country Animal Clinic, 2 Edward St, Parry Sound
  4. Chidiac Animal Hospital, 150 Bay St Gravenhurst
  5. Parry Sound Animal Hospital, 35 Joseph St, Parry Sound
  6. Port Carling Veterinary Services, 155 Medora St, Hwy 118, Port Carling
  7. Callander Animal Hospital, 1878 Highway #94, Callander
  8. Centennial Animal Hospital, 1008 S Monck Dr, Bracebridge

  • The chosen veterinarian will provide the Fund with a report on your pet’s overall health and will confirm if your pet is a candidate for the surgery. The Fund will also receive a detailed quotation from the chosen veterinarian for the procedure required that will be reviewed andapproved at the Fund’s discretion. Funding is not guaranteed.  The amount quoted by the veterinarian will be paid by the Fund, less the Owner co-payment.   Any additional costs incurred during the procedure are the responsibility of the pet owner/guardian.

Supporting Documents
You must provide the following documentation:

  • Proof that your primary residence is in the Muskoka or Parry Sound District.  (Driver's License or Letter from landlord)
  • Proof of income (copy of current year - income tax assessment form). Due to privacy concerns please blackout or remove SIN numbers. 
    ** You MUST upload your Income Tax Assesment Form T451E (Notice of Assessment is the confirmation form that Revenue Canada sends to you after you have submitted your Tax Return).
    ** Your NAME and YEAR must be clearly shown on the document.
    **If you are applying as a combined family net income of $45,000 or less you must upload Notice of Assesment forms for ALL residents of the household.
  • Report from a veterinarian outlining the illness of the animal and a recommended procedure for the animal with the likelihood of success.

Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund Terms and Conditions

  • We do not endorse, recommend or promote any one veterinarian over another. The ultimate decision and agreement to retain the services of the veterinarian is your sole responsibility as the animal’s guardian.
  • All applications are subject to participating veterinary examination of the animal before approval.
  • Veterinarian examination reports will be forwarded to Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund for final approval before moving ahead with the procedure.
  • For multiple pets; for the first pet the owner contribution is $100, for an additional pets the owner contribution is $25. A separate application is required for each animal. The Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund can only financially assist each household once every two calendar years.
  • Only successful applicants will be contacted. We will endeavour to respond to a successful application within ten workings days. If funding is denied, Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund will not provide the reason for denial of funding, nor will we reconsider our decision. However, we will provide on our website information regarding preventative care, and other resources so each applicant will have the opportunity to develop his/her resources for the future.
  • Please note that Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund will not be able to advise you in any way regarding the medical treatment, diagnosis, or prognosis of your animal. If you have medical questions about your animals condition, you will need to consult a veterinarian.
  • The chosen veterinarian will provide the Fund a detailed quote prior to the procedure which will need to be approved by the Fund. The Fund will only pay the quoted amount. Any additional costs incurred during the procedure are the responsibility of the pet owner/guardian.

Application Submission
Steps for Applying:

  1. Must to be submitted online. The ONLY exception to this is for those applicants unable to access the internet due to accessibility or illness. If this is the case please mail your application to 3 Main St West Suite #1028, Huntsville, ON P1H 0A3.
  2. You will receive notification of Stage 1 Initial Approval within ten working days. Only those selected will be contacted.
  3. Applicants are to visit a participating veterinarian for an initial examination and approval from a participating veterinarian in order to receive Stage 2 Final Approval from the Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund and move forward with the procedure. The initial examination is covered in the funding from the Huntsville Animal Wellness Fund.
  4. If funding is approved for your pet’s procedure – Stage 2 Approval, successful applicants will at this time arrange the appointment with the veterinarian for the procedure.
  5. At any time after approval, and prior to the procedure the applicant will pay their $100.00 contribution to the veterinarian, as well as any additional costs incurred above the approved quotation amount

Compassionate Care Program