Pet Care Insurance

OSPCA Pet Insurance

President's Choice Pet Insurance

Pet Secure Pet Insurance

Vet Insurance

Quick Care Pet Insurance

The Farley Foundation

Helps low-income seniors & people with disabilities pay for veterinary care for their pets:

Silver Paws

Is an organization under the Humane Society of Canada that helps senior citizens and their pets stay together by helping out with veterinary costs:


A credit card specifically designed for veterinary costs. This can provide a financing option for people who cannot afford all of the expense at once and would prefer to pay it off over time:


Financing option for veterinary costs, pet food and other pet related costs:

Unexpected Expenses (vet care, special needs resources)

Everyday Expenses (food, items, spay/neuter)

 Future Expenses (Preventative Care, Pet Insurance)

Helpful Resources

Pet Safety

Ontario SPCA 

Must call ahead to make an appointment. Services like vaccines and microchips are available:

Low Cost Rabies Clinic

Provided by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit:

Animal Lovers Sharing Donations FB Group 

Open to Canadians you can post items you have to donate or find items:

Free Mania

Includes listings of free items and samples as well as coupons:


Find items that people in your community are willing to give away for free:


Pet coupons for Canada, lots of pet food related discounts available:


Pet coupons:


Pet coupons for medical related things (like flea prevention):

Dental Care

Sometimes even with the best of intentions and planning, pet owners can face the difficult situation of having little to no funds available to spend on their pet's care. Costs may include veterinary care or just food and other necessities.

We have provided different options that are available to pet owners living in Ontario.